How we Began

Tim and Jill were ecstatic to learn that they would be having their first child in the fall of 2010. They were both scared but extremely excited at the thought of becoming parents and starting their own family. They made all of the typical preparations as they waited for the arrival of their precious bundle of joy.

In her 39th week of what was a seemingly perfect pregnancy, Jill learned that her baby’s heart had stopped beating. Collin Timothy Althoff was born on September 26, 2010. He was 8 pounds 7 ounces and 21 inches long. Collin’s parents spent as much time with him as possible knowing these precious moments would have to last a lifetime.

A family friend, Patty, gave Jill a teddy bear so that she would be able to carry something in her arms when she went home from the hospital. Patty had suffered the same loss when her twins were stillborn a couple years prior, and someone brought her a couple teddy bears to the hospital for the very same reason. Tim and Jill were so grateful to Patty for giving them the teddy bear. It is amazing how something as simple as a teddy bear has really helped to ease their pain and bring them a sense of comfort as they continue to cope with their loss.

Knowing how much this beautiful teddy bear has helped them through the most difficult time in their lives, Tim and Jill decided to develop a non-profit organization to help and reach out to other parents of stillbirth or early infant loss. They could not think of a better way to honor their precious angel than by helping other families of angels.

The name, Carrying Tender Angels, perfectly describes the true meaning behind our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Every expectant mother carries her tender angel throughout her pregnancy and anxiously waits for the day when she can carry her baby home. When parents learn that this day will not be possible for their baby, Carrying Tender Angels provides parents and families with a beautiful teddy bear so that they may fill their empty arms and carry something home with them when they leave the hospital. Lastly, and probably the most significant meaning of all, even though these parents will not get the opportunity to wrap their arms around their child and watch him or her grow, they will always carry their tender angel with them in their hearts.


How You Can Support Us

Whether you are affiliated with a hospital, you know someone who is presently experiencing a loss, or you would like to volunteer, there are many ways you can support our mission.

What Your Donations Mean

At Carrying Tender Angels, we support families who are experiencing a stillbirth or early infant loss. 100% of all donations received go towards our cause.

How to Get Connected

Carrying Tender Angels, Inc.
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phone:   (614) 321–9282

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